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States tap the sun to meet growing demand for energy

Several States are rushing to install solar power to meet growing energy demand. For instance, in Karnataka, the State Government has decided to construct a 500-MW solar power complex in Chitradurga district, instead of the Bijapur district. Neighbouring Maharashtra too … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Society takes Tangedco to court

The Solar Energy Society of India has filed a case against the Tamil Nadu’s State-owned electricity generation and distribution company, Tangedco, over the recently closed tender for the purchase of solar power. Tangedco recently floated a tender which called for … Continue reading

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Proposal to make IP sets in Karnataka run on solar power and reduce 30% of the states consumption

Natgrp: Finally sense dawns on States that instead of free power from the grid its better to implement off-grid solutions for pumps A 100-crore pilot project likely to be included in budget: Katti The State Agriculture Department has proposed to … Continue reading

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