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PV Power Plants 2012 – Industry Guide

Today’s PV market is now completely different to that of one year ago when the previous edition of this brochure was published. Thanks to a dramatic fall in the price of solar modules and an equally significant drop in the … Continue reading

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Madhya Pradesh announces the highest Wind Tariff in India at Rs. 5.92/- per KWhr

Given the low yields of wind power in the state, Madhya Pradesh has gone ahead and announced the highest Wind Tariff of Rs. 5.92/- per KWhr which is sure to boost the renewable energy portfolio of the state. In recent … Continue reading

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Andhra Pradesh net metering policy released on 25th March 2013

Solar power policy pressnote. The Government announced its policy for encouraging solar power production in the State. A GO MS NO 22 to this effect has been issued on Monday. Keeping in view the good potential for harnessing solar power, … Continue reading

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Why Tamil Nadu’s solar tender failed to attract more bidders

Concerns regarding payment security and availability of grid seem to have deterred developers from bidding in large numbers for Tamil Nadu’s power purchase tender for 1,000 MW of solar capacity. That the Tamil Nadu solar tender attracted bids for about … Continue reading

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