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Study shows onshore wind turbines may have shorter life than expected

A recent report based on wind farm performance data in the United Kingdom and Denmark stated that the economic life of onshore wind turbines could be much shorter than the industry has predicted. The Courier reported the study, commissioned by the Renewable Energy … Continue reading

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New Analysis Shows India’s Huge Offshore Wind Power Potential

LONDON — India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has published a report detailing the significant potential for offshore wind energy in the country. Offshore Wind Potential Tamil Nadu, India was officially released this week at Delhi’s National Consultation on Development … Continue reading

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IBM’s HyRef Seeks to Solve Wind’s Intermittency Problem

New Hampshire, USA — IBM has decloaked a system combining weather modeling, sensors, and analytics to better forecast a wind farm’s output from minutes to weeks away, helping utilities and grid operators more confidently integrate an intermittent energy source. IBM’s “Hybrid … Continue reading

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Generation-based sops announced for struggling wind power sector

Breathing life back into the subsidy starved wind energy sector, the government has approved the implementation of ‘generation-based incentive (GBI)’ that was announced in the budget this year. After a hiatus of one and a half year without any subsidy or incentive … Continue reading

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Megawatt Zinc-air batteries to power wind over fossil fuels?

An advanced zinc-air battery could lead to a low-cost alternative to conventional lithium-ion technology. Credit:Stanford University A zinc-air battery developed by researchers and Stanford University may provide an economical alternative to lithium-ion batteries for use in renewable energy plants. When adopted … Continue reading

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